BBL Treatment

BareFace Aesthetics offers BroadBand Light, abbreviated as BBL skin rejuvenation, for a fresh new look.

Per our experts’ research, most people remember you based on what they first see of you, and it also reveals your age. 

Treatments using BroadBand Light, BBL provide an efficient, non-invasive method of anti-aging so that you can present your finest side.

The most cutting-edge light-based technology available is known as BBL. It has good long-term skin benefits and little to no downtime. Additionally, it enables experts to target specific skin flaws and establish criteria.

Anyone whose face exhibits signs of aging or has acne scars, redness, wrinkles, sunspots, or more, will benefit from the FDA-approved BroadBand Light Treatment. 

Using pulsed light treatment, BBL rejuvenates and restores your skin for a youthful appearance. 

It gives skin that is firmer and more even in tone and texture. Even skin lesions can be treated with it or even removed.

Per our professional experts, BBL facials are suitable for men and women of all ages. The device can be used anywhere on the body. 

Your skin will be given back its natural beauty, becoming more apparent, smoother, more vibrant, and younger-looking, among other advantages.

The skin on the face, neck, chest, limbs and other areas that may have age spots and veins can be treated with corrective BBL because of its adaptability.

Process & Procedure

The BBL device sends out concentrated bursts of light that are absorbed by a pigment found in darker patches on the skin and change into heat, which finally breaks up the pigment.

Additionally, the heat energy can encourage the growth of healthy new cells, promote the synthesis of collagen for plump skin, and collapse spider veins that are unnecessary for blood flow.

What Are The Results Of BBL Treatment?

Broadband light treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes due to its efficiency; however, it also relies on the quantity and size of the treated area. 

No particular downtime is needed following BBL treatments.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Depending on each patient’s unique skin issues and goals, BBLtreatments can require three to six treatments, each at three to four-week intervals, to achieve the most remarkable outcomes. 

Pigmented lesions can flake and vanish after just one treatment session.

Once ideal outcomes are attained, they can be sustained with follow-up sessions around two to four times each year.

Precautions Before BBL Treatment

Four weeks before the appointment, patients should refrain from using any skin-exfoliating or irritant treatments. There is no follow-up, in contrast to other therapies.

After treatment, makeup can be worn immediately, and skincare routines can continue. SPF should be used after all skin and laser procedures.

In order to maintain effects over time and prevent additional sun-related skin damage, it is highly recommended by BareFace Aesthetics that you follow a skincare routine recommended by our experts and regularly apply a broad-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen.

AfterCare Of BBL Treatment

Following BBL therapy, the skin may feel slightly sensitive and almost sunburned.  

As long as the effects persist, avoid using active skin care chemicals, such as glycolic acids or retinol, scented products, deodorants, or makeup over treated areas.

Also, refrain from using saunas, steam rooms, hot showers, or engaging in intense activity for at least 24 hours following treatment if possible.

Broadband light treatments have been used at BareFace Aesthetics on many patients’ faces, necks, chests, hands, and arms.

Start your journey immediately by scheduling a free consultation to discuss a personalized treatment plan with one of our therapists.

As per our experts, If you have epilepsy or sensitivity toward flashing lights, we advise you to seek medical clearance prior to proceeding with the treatment.