Liposuction Treatment

To remove fat from specific body areas, such as the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck, a liposuction surgery uses a suction technique.

Liposuction also shapes these areas.

Liposuction isn’t frequently viewed as a comprehensive weight-reduction method or a replacement for weight loss.

The amount of fat cells is decreased. The amount of fat expelled depends on the amount of fat and the look of the area.

Who Is Eligible For This Treatment?

As per the professionals of BareFace Aesthetics, you might be an ideal candidate for liposuction if you have excessive body fat in certain areas.

However, to be eligible for this treatment, BareFace Aesthetics recommends that you must be in good health and free from any disorders that could make surgery more complex, such as those that limit blood flow, cause coronary artery disease, diabetes, or compromise your immune system.

Things To Remember Before Surgery

If you decide to have liposuction, your surgeon at BareFace Aesthetics will give you instructions to prepare for your surgery. Among them may be restrictions on what you can eat and drink.

You should let your surgeon know about any allergies you have and any medications you use, including over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements.

Our doctors recommend stopping taking medications, such as blood thinners and some types of painkillers, a few weeks before surgery.

Process & Procedure

You might receive an intravenous sedative for this procedure. Your surgeon might provide a local anesthetic to you.

Once the area has become numb, your surgeon will make a few tiny cuts near to your fat deposits.

To break up the fat cells, a little tube called a cannula will be inserted beneath your skin. Your surgeon will use a medical vacuum to suction out the fat deposits that have become looser.

It can take several sessions to achieve your desired results.

The changes last for a longer amount of time if your weight doesn’t alter.

What Are The Side Effects Of Liposuction Treatment?

If liposuction is performed on a wide area, your risk of complications rises. 

In the affected area, numbness could be experienced. Even while this is frequently transient, it can stick around.

Also, consider contour irregularities. The top layer of your skin can occasionally develop a jagged or wavy impression where fat has been removed, and the skin may appear less smooth.

The Expected Results, How Long Does It Take To Recover?

After recovering from liposuction, patients frequently see a flatter tummy. 

These effects are meant to be long-lasting. 

Liposuction recovery at BareFace Aesthetics is comparatively simple. You should be up and moving around a few hours following the operation. 

In the first two weeks after surgery, minor swelling and bruising are normal.

Following liposuction, the tiny scars could be a little red, and they gradually disappear over the time period of six to twelve months. 

After your operation, about two weeks later, you will begin scar treatments. Our specialists will go through scar care with you in great detail and give you scar treatments and supplies.

After liposuction, patients at BareFace Aesthetics are overjoyed. Despite diet and exercise, they assert that problem regions they had for a while are gone.

Do the Results Last a Lifetime?

Swelling typically goes away a few weeks after liposuction. 

At this stage, the treated area ought to look less bulky. Within a few months, the treated region should become thinner.

During liposuction, the fat cells are permanently eliminated. 

New fat cells, however, which typically distribute themselves throughout your body, can cause you to regain lost weight.

The BareFace Aesthetics recommends maintaining yourself by eating plenty of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nutritious grains, low-fat dairy, and frequent exercise.

Are Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Same Procedures?

A tummy tuck and liposuction are two different cosmetic surgeries designed to alter the appearance of your abdomen. 

Both procedures promise to give your tummy a smaller, tighter, flatter appearance. 

Liposuction can be the right procedure for you if you want to get rid of tiny fat deposits. These are frequently done on the tummy, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

However, tummy tucking is a fantastic way to eliminate extra belly fat as well as excess skin.

Before your procedure, you will have a patient consultation at BareFace Aesthetics. This will involve a psychological assessment, physical examination, and history.

If you want to recall what your doctor said to you, you might need to bring someone with you.

Please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns. Ensure that you comprehend the responses to your inquiries. 

You must thoroughly understand the preoperative steps, the liposuction process, and the postoperative aftercare.

You can book consultation sessions on our website or call us for further assistance.