Microneedling Services

Microneedling, called collagen induction therapy, is one of the most recent and efficient ways to regenerate the skin, enhancing firmness and texture. 

This can lessen the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging symptoms. Acne scars and different types of scarring can also benefit from its improvement. 

It is important to choose a reputable practitioner for this procedure, as it can be associated with some risks if not done properly, and the good news is that we at BareFace Aesthetics offers the safest procedures and the best dermatologist to ensure the risk-free results.

Microneedling Services

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves using a device to create tiny punctures in the skin with a pen-like device.

The procedure works by making microscopic holes in the top layer of skin. Your body is prompted to produce new collagen and elastin from these tiny needles to repair.

Apart from the face, you can use microneedling to treat your neck, abdomen, back, hands, arms, and legs. 

The aesthetician at BareFace Aesthetics adjusts the procedure to meet your skin goals.

Is Microneedling An Effective Cosmetic Procedure?

It is thought to successfully heal minor acne scarring, scars, stretch marks, and aging skin. 

You can also observe tighter, more radiant skin. After several sessions at BareFace Aesthetics, ideal outcomes are attained but you may need a long-term maintenance strategy.

Compared to at-home rollers, microneedling is much more efficient.

What Is The Microneedling Procedure? How Long Is A Single Session?

To assure your comfort throughout the microneedling procedure, our skilled aestheticians at BareFace Aesthetics first apply an anesthetic cream to your skin.

At BareFace Aesthetics, we use customized serums to infuse the skin with various benefits that fit the clients’ concerns. 

As they roll a handheld instrument covered with tiny needles over your target location, they could also lightly wet your skin to lubricate it. 

Whether your treatment’s precise objectives are to remove sun damage or lessen acne scars, they will adjust the needles’ depth accordingly.

Depending on the area you’re targeting, the whole procedure takes roughly 30 minutes. Following that, you can have skin redness, which will go away over the coming days.

Depending on your target area and goals, patients usually need four to eight treatments spaced a month apart.

You can wait between six months and a year before getting another microneedling treatment to preserve the effects.

Side Effects And Risks Of Microneedling

Microneedling has some side effects, just like any cosmetic surgery. 

The most frequent adverse reaction is slight skin discomfort just after the operation. For a few days, you can also notice redness.

The risks of microneedling therapy are minimal. However, the use of subsequent skin care products or infections may cause adverse reactions in some persons. 

BareFace Aesthetics take all required safety measures to ensure that this procedure endangers no one’s health. 

Our personnel constantly adheres to hygienic practices to reduce the possibility of illnesses.

Precautions To Take After Microneedling

To prevent any adverse side effects, our aesthetician at BareFace Aesthetics will take steps to inform you of the appropriate aftercare procedures.

Avoid applying makeup in the first 24 hours after microneedling, especially with brushes already used. 

To protect your freshly treated skin, you should also stay away from hot environments like saunas, swimming pools, and vigorous workouts at the gym.

If you want to receive Microneedling treatments that will be performed in the best way possible, BareFace Aesthetics is your go-to place.

We offer a free consultation session to allow you to experience the service before deciding to use it. 

The experts at BareFace Aesthetics are enthusiastic about providing wonderful services and top-notch customer support. 

You can visit or contact us to learn more about microneedling or book an appointment.