Tummy Tuck

If you desire a flat tummy and have tried anything that takes for it, you might be thinking of getting an abdominoplasty, sometimes known as a tummy tuck, if you have too much fat or extra skin in your abdomen that doesn’t react to diet or exercise.

This procedure flattens the belly by eliminating extra skin and fat and tightening the muscles in your abdominal wall.

It may take this procedure one to five hours. Depending on your circumstance, you might need to spend the night in the hospital.

Who Is Eligible For Tummy Tuck Treatment?

Men and women who are obese and have extra fat deposits or loose skin around the abdomen are ideal candidates for a tummy tuck.

The technique may be helpful for women who have had numerous pregnancies to reduce skin and strengthen their abdominal muscles.

Women who plan on having babies must wait until they no longer intend to get pregnant.

Precautions To Take Before Surgery

A partial and full abdominoplasty are the two different types of tummy tuck surgeries. 

After receiving consultation and discussing the desired result with your surgeon, the type of operation, you will have will be selected. 

If you smoke, our doctors advise you to stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure and for two weeks following it. 

As per BareFace Aesthetics experts, it is recommended to quit smoking altogether. 

Avoid going on a strict diet before the procedure. Consume complete, well-balanced meals. You might heal more quickly if you eat well.

Procedure Of A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Traditional tummy tucks involve the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen and the tightening of the supporting muscles, which firms the tummy and narrows the waist. 

For any scarring to be readily concealed by clothing, our highly trained cosmetic surgeons work to make the incision as small as possible. 

Many patients are concerned about the scarring, but with our advice on aftercare and scar guard protection, we find that patients heal nicely and that the minor scarring is well worth the trade-off for a flat tummy.

A tummy tuck can improve the appearance of your belly by removing extra skin and fat and strengthening your abdominal wall.

The results of Tummy Tuck last longer if you maintain a constant weight. 

Side Effects 

The days after surgery will be painful and swollen for you. Our doctors recommend painkillers and advise you on how to manage the discomfort.

Side Effects of tummy trucks may include infection, bleeding beneath the skin flap, or blood clots; however, they are uncommon.

If you have diabetes, poor circulation, or heart, lung, or liver illness, your risk of complications may increase.

You might not recover completely, resulting in more severe scars or skin loss. 

After fully recovering, the BareFace Aesthteoics surgeon will advise using specific lotions or ointments to aid with scarring.

Aftercare Of Surgery; How Much Time Does It Take To Recover?

You’ll need to take four to six weeks off work to rest and recover. After the procedure, you won’t be allowed to drive for a few weeks.

It typically takes six weeks to fully recuperate and experience the full results of a tummy tuck, and you must restrict your physical activities.

When you choose a tummy tuck, the area that is operated on will be stitched and bandaged. 

Your surgeon will also give instructions on positioning yourself to minimize pain while sitting or lying down.

To ensure a proper recovery following surgery, you might need to take up to one month off work. 

At BareFace Aesthetics, people who underwent this surgery appreciate how they look.

Exercise and a healthy diet might help you keep the results.

Since a tummy tuck is considered significant surgery, it should only be used as a last option after you have tried and failed with all other more conventional weight-loss techniques.

BareFace Aesthetics provides various support services to assist in controlling or recovering from the sickness or condition.

At BareFace Aesthetics, each patient receives genuinely tailored medical care from surgeons who take the time to consult with them carefully.

A one-on-one consultation with BareFace Aesthetics is the first step in your aesthetic journey.

Our specialists will carefully consider your goals for having a tummy tuck during the consultation and go through your medical background to develop a tailored plan to help you achieve them.

To schedule your consultation with one of our professionals for a tummy tuck, call BareFace Aetshtetcos.