SKIN SCRIPT RX Charcoal Clay Cleanser


  • Works as a sebum absorber to the skin.
  • Plumps and hydrates your skin.
  • It helps you get rid of clogged pores and removes all blemishes.
  • Purifies and detoxifies your skin.
  • Works best for oily skin.
  • Protects your skin from environmental toxins.
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Keep your skin oil free and impurities free with the Charcoal Clay Cleanser

When you hear of the word ‘charcoal’ the first thing that hits your mind is barbecue fires before you think of it as an important part of your skin care routine. If that’s the case, then you must know that charcoal is one of the must haves, natural and pure ingredient which has a broad range of benefits. Why and how you ask? Charcoal clay cleansers are one of the most effective, non-invasive ways to address the issues of oily skin. No doubt we all have different skin types and every skin types demands for different skin care routine. There are some other charcoal cleansers and clay masks to virtually address every skin concerns. But have you found the one for yourself that works as both? If no, no worries! We got your back.

To help you get rid of those stubborn sunburns and environmental toxins, Charcoal clay cleanser is the savior for your skin. Whether you are a woman, man or even a teenager, it works best for everyone. Why is that? Because, this charcoal clay cleanser isn’t pumped full of harsh and unnatural chemicals. Yes, you heard it right! To make your skin free from impurities without using harsh chemical contained products, Bareface has the right product for you.

Acts As a Vacuum to Your Skin

This Skin Script Rx product works gently on your skin without irritating the delicate of your skin. So when you cleanse your face after a hectic day with Charcoal clay mask, the charcoal uses its natural properties to draw out environmental toxins out of your skin. Not just that but it also works as a vacuum to your skin as it sucks out all the bacteria and impurities from your skin to help you prevent acne breakouts.