Mattifying Sulfur Masque (US-GM-51AR)


Take control of acne and rosacea with our Mattifying Sulfur Masque (US-GM-51AR), also known as the Sulfur Masque. This therapeutic masque harnesses the power of sulfur, proven to be beneficial for treating acne or rosacea. Operating akin to benzoyl peroxide, sulfur effectively kills bacteria and loosens impactions within the pores. This masque is not just a treatment; it’s a favorite spot treatment for tackling pesky blemishes. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, it clarifies, and reduces inflammation and oil, making it effective for soothing after extractions and continuing acne or rosacea therapy at home. Embrace the transformative benefits of our Mattifying Sulfur Masque and say goodbye to blemish worries.

(4 oz | 118 ml)

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