Moisturizer (50ml)


Indulge your skin with AnteAGEĀ® Moisturizer, a luxurious formula designed to provide deep hydration, moisturization, and assist in repairing the skin’s protective barrier. This emulsifier-free masterpiece relies on skin physiologic lipidsā€”fatty acids, phosphatidylcholine, ceramides, and cholesterolā€”to create a homogenous and comforting cream that respects the skin’s functionality. Beyond mere hydration, this daily moisturizer offers a wealth of benefits, including antioxidant activity, anti-aging, anti-pollution, anti-inflammatory properties, skin regeneration, brightening, and support for the skin microbiome. Nourish your skin and equip it with the tools required to maintain barrier health, integrity, and homeostasis with AnteAGE Moisturizer.