Organic Biokoma Horsetail Dried Leaves Natural Herbal Tea


Indulge in the pure and organic essence of Biokoma Horsetail Dried Leaves Natural Herbal Tea, meticulously crafted for those who seek a refreshing and health-conscious beverage. Enclosed in a resealable pack with a moisture-proof pouch, this 50g delight is a testament to Biokoma’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

As a family-owned company specializing in dried herbs and herbal mixtures, Biokoma prides itself on a team driven by trust, passion, and a shared goal—to provide you with the finest herbal products. Our professionalism, dedication, and continuous training ensure that every product we offer meets your expectations.

Sourced from organic and conventional crops worldwide, with a focus on Poland, Biokoma’s products are non-GMO, non-irradiated, and proudly packed in the US. Certified USDA Organic by MOSA 2022, our commitment to standards addressing soil and water quality reflects our dedication to quality.



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