Peptide Firming Cleanser (US-GM-14ER)


Indulge in our renowned ‘Red Carpet Cleanser,’ the Peptide Cleanser with PC10, a luxurious fusion of rich emollients, potent peptides, and botanicals that work to invigorate skin cells. This velvety, creamy cleanser not only hydrates and smoothes the skin but also promotes a youthful radiance, making it ideal for facial massages. Utilize this as your secondary cleanse to enhance lifting and firming, offering a rejuvenating solution especially for tired or compromised skin.

Elevate your skincare routine with our Peptide Firming Cleanser in a full-sized retail option (US-GM-14ER | 6.75 oz | 200 ml), delivering a luxurious and prolonged skincare experience. Unveil a youthful radiance as this creamy blend of peptides and emollients promotes firmness and hydration, perfect for concerns ranging from wrinkles to dryness.

(6.75 oz | 200 ml)

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