The Ultimate Collection (US-GM-1903)


Discover the essentials you never knew you needed with The Ultimate Collection (US-GM-1903) by GlyMed Plus. This collection features our favorite products, carefully formulated to excite and rejuvenate your skin. The collection includes trial and travel sizes of the following GlyMed Plus products:

  • Mega Cream Cleanser TRIAL (US-GM-057S): Gently cleanses for a refreshed complexion.
  • Exfoliating Cleanser with Salicylic Acid TRIAL (US-GM-50AS): Provides deep exfoliation with salicylic acid.
  • Firming Serum with Phyto-Stem Cells TRIAL (US-GM-90ES): Firms and revitalizes with potent phyto-stem cells.
  • Daily Skin Clarifier TRAVEL (US-GM-037T): Balances and clarifies your skin daily.
  • Ultra Hydro Gel TRIAL (US-GM-069S): Delivers intense hydration with a lightweight formula.
  • Protective Skin Serum with Ceramides TRIAL (US-GM-59ES): Nourishes and protects with ceramides.
  • Peptide Cream TRIAL (US-GM-083S): Boosts firmness and elasticity, preventing signs of aging.
  • Moisturizing Protection Cream with SPF 15 TRIAL (US-GM-005S): Moisturizes and protects with SPF 15.

(1 Kit)

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