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Treatments for Aesthetics, Body contouring, and Hair Restoration

Discover our complete line of cosmetic care choices for today’s most pressing concerns. From cellulite reduction to facial rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, to fat treatments, our licensed providers perform the most in-demand face, body contouring, and hair enhancement procedures. Many of our therapies have been created to fit into even the most hectic of schedules.

Most of them last 30 minutes or less, so you can easily fit them in during your lunch break, before or after work, or even on weekends.


At Bareface Aesthetics, non-invasive aesthetics therapies will help if you’re one of the many people looking for a way to reverse signs of aging, boost skin conditions, or target stubborn fat pockets. The visible effects of any non-surgical aesthetics procedure would leave you feeling fantastic.

Treatments for Aesthetic Purposes That Work

Do you believe you have to go through painful aesthetic treatments to achieve the results you desire? With Bareface Aesthetics, that is not the case. To ensure patient safety and comfort, each of our aesthetic and hair restoration equipment is fitted with advanced technology. We have a care solution to suit your needs, with cutting-edge safety features, demonstrated effectiveness, and short treatment sessions. In certain instances, one method can be sufficient to achieve the desired look. Take a look at our Before-and-After gallery to see for yourself.

What is the legacy of Bareface Aesthetics while using Venus treatments?

Venus Legacy is equipped with cutting-edge technology to treat cellulite, stubborn fat, and sagging skin efficiently. If you want to get back in shape after having a kid, lose body fat to fit into those tight jeans, or toughen your skin before going to the beach, this scientifically validated technology is ideal for you. Cellulite is a terrible skin disease, but thanks to the Venus Legacy technology, you can now battle it whenever it appears. Since cellulite affects 80 percent of women over the age of 20, this treatment is important for all women.

The Science behind the Venus Legacy’s Creation

Because the Venus Legacy combines Multi-Polar RF, Magnetic Pulse Therapy (MP2), and VariPulse technology, users should expect excellent clinical outcomes. Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Multi-Polar RF work exceptionally well together. They function by heating deep into the dermis around the region where collagen produces fast results without causing damage to the epidermis.

The heat they emit is critical because it can induce a positive thermal reaction within the tissue, which causes fat to melt, new and stable collagen to form, and new elastin fibers to begin.

The Varipulse’s customizable pulsed negative and positive pressure helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation, which is naturally effective at flushing body fat from the system.

What It’s Like

Many that have had this treatment claim it gives them a similar feeling to a hot stone massage. To put it another way, it is pleasurable, soothing, and relaxed in every way. This procedure has been clinically tested and approved by the FDA, indicating that it is entirely safe to use. Treatment is often provided rapidly so you can get back to your routine.

Areas of Treatment

The Varipulse is ideal for reducing cellulite, smoothing and tightening thighs for defined curves, shaping and raising sagging butts, shaping and flattening the belly, and lowering upper arm bulge, among other things.

Obtaining Fast Results

A user would need to have had at least eight procedures to achieve the best outcomes. We also suggest that you schedule an appointment with one of our highly educated and reliable staff members. Who will assist you in determining which strategy is best for you.

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