Men Facial

After all the hard work and struggles, men are also supposed to treat themselves with a good and relaxing facial in a while. 

Hence, a facial at BareFace Aesthetics is a great way to relax if you’re stressed out or just need a little me time.

Men’s skin care needs are equal to or greater than women’s. 

Men often create more oil than women due to increased testosterone, increasing the risk of clogged pores, acne, and dull skin.

Men benefit from professional facials in terms of relaxation and wellness. Nothing compares to unwinding as our skilled esthetician cleanses and revitalizes the skin. 

Additionally, men’s facials can assist in addressing issues like razor burn and ingrown hairs brought on by shaving.

Men’s facial treatments include, among other things, acne treatment, scar therapy, and anti-aging remedies.

Additionally, it addresses issues including razor burn and ingrown hairs, dullness, and sensitivity. Men might also benefit from facials if they have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to acne.

What Are The Benefits Of Men’s Facial?

At BareFace Aesthetics, facials are designed exclusively for men to address skin issues that men usually don’t deal with.

Numerous other health benefits of facials include younger-looking skin. 

Regular facial treatments can aid in reducing wrinkles by slowing down the skin’s natural aging process.

As pollutants are removed from the skin, and the pores are thoroughly cleaned, facials can help make the skin look younger and healthier.

All skin types, including those prone to acne and the occasional breakout, can benefit from our facial treatments for men. Our estheticians use men’s skin-specific cosmetics.

Facials have also been shown to be successful in treating conditions like oily skin, dry skin, aging skin, sensitive skin, and UV damage. 

Men of all ages can remove years off their faces with proper skin care, giving them a more radiant, youthful complexion.

A professional facial at BareFace Aesthetics can aid the long-term maintenance of your skin’s health, texture, and tone. Call us right away to arrange your subsequent facial.

Side Effects

Depending on your facial type, they may come with various risks. 

Due to the pressure of exfoliation and extraction, redness and blotchy skin are facials’ most frequent side effects.

To give your skin time to heal, refrain from applying any of the items to it for a day or two after your facial. 

After your facial, stay out of the sun because UV rays can make your skin even drier.

How Often Should Men Get Their Facial Done?

Men should ideally schedule their facials every four to six weeks. 

However, not everyone is able to commit to a regular beauty regimen, so getting a facial at atleast once in two months is also good to go.

Your skin needs that type of treatment; you need to trust us on that!

What Should Men Expect From Their Facial Treatment?

Having a consultation with our esthetician will enable you to choose the right course of action. 

Facial treatments are a fantastic method to improve the appearance of your skin, whether you have a big business meeting or wedding coming up.

Our esthetician will choose the ideal facial for you to address all of your issues.

Even if our esthetician determines that one of our other facial treatments would be a better choice for you, she will recommend it to you.

Our Men facial services at BareFace Aesthetics in West Palm Beach are unmatched. 

We combine techniques, ingredients, and knowledge to deliver exceptional, long-lasting results, most professionally and hygienically possible, even to the most sensitive skin types. 

We keep our clients coming back time and time again. Our repeat customers are proof that we care. 

Visit or call us to learn more about the various facials we provide and what to anticipate from them.