Skin Script Rx Anti-Aging Serum Kit


  • Works as a moisturizer to the skin
  • Constricts dilated capillaries to reduce redness.
  • Plumps and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • It helps you get rid of puffiness and stubborn dark circles.
  • It makes your skin radical damage free.


Keep Your Skin Youthful With Anti-Aging Serum Kit

Are you someone who is addicted to Skin Script Rx skincare products and follows skincare routine religiously, and loves to take care of their skin? In that case, you must know that when it comes to absolute must-have skincare products, anti-aging serum plays a pivotal role, why you ask?

Anti-aging serums are some of the most effective, non-invasive ways to address aging signs and help you get rid of stubborn dark circles overnight. No doubt, we all age in a different way. There are some magical serums to address virtually every concern imaginable, from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and rough patches.

They say an attractive picture or appealing in appearance, who you’d want to be? Well, the choice is yours. Looking good takes you on the ninth cloud, but maintaining it might be a difficult task. No? To make this difficult task just a matter of nights, Bareface has the right product for you to keep you appealing in appearances. How? Bareface anti-aging serum functions as a skin barrier to your skin, protecting it from dehydration and pollution. Not just that, but it helps your skin to restore it. Works as a superhero to your skin!

Provides a Glass Skin Effect

Bareface anti-aging serum being a superhero to human skin, works best for all skin types. Yes, you heard it right. Everyone can revitalize their skin in no time, but if it’s a savior for dehydrated dry, acneic, and milia-prone skin. Moreover, Bareface magical anti-aging serum provides a glass skin effect by lessening the appearance of wrinkles, brightens the skin, tones the tissue, and encourages fibroblast activity.

What else you need in just a bottle of serum? There’s something more that helps your skin stimulate its circulation, promoting healthy cellular skin functions and enabling you to get rid of your eye bags and dark circles like never before.