The Calming Collection (US-GM-1902)


Rejuvenate your skin with The Calming Collection, crafted by GlyMed Plus. Harsh weather and stressful gatherings can leave your skin flushed, irritated, and stressed. Indulge in the soothing embrace of these GlyMed Plus products, carefully curated to restore, balance, and illuminate your skin. The Calming Collection includes trial sizes of the following products:

  • Mega Cream Cleanser TRIAL (US-GM-057S): Gently cleanses and balances.
  • Protective Skin Serum with Ceramides TRIAL (US-GM-59ES): Calms and heals with protective ceramides.
  • Peptide Cream TRIAL (US-GM-083S): Increases firmness, hydrates, and prevents.
  • Rosacea Relief TRIAL (US-GM-068S): Reduces inflammation and redness for those with rosacea.
  • Recovery Cream with Arnica TRIAL (US-GM-067S): Repairs and heals with arnica.
  • Restoring Fulvic Elixir TRIAL (US-GM-032S): Balances and restores the skin’s vitality.
  • Hydrating Protection Gel with SPF 30 TRIAL (US-GM-122S): Provides essential hydration and protection.


(1 Kit)

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