VRS Box (6 Pack)


Rediscover comfort and confidence with the AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution (VRS) Box—a regenerative vaginal moisturizer designed for at-home use. Harnessing the natural power of bone marrow stem cells, AnteAGE® VRS delivers lost bio-signals to restore a youthful micro-environment. This innovative solution safely rejuvenates the vaginal wall using growth factors and cytokines, all without added hormones.

The physiologically balanced bio-signals from stem cell cytokines reduce inflammation, while hyaluronic acid increases moisture naturally present in the body. Clinical studies demonstrate remarkable improvements in dryness, pain, and vaginal epithelium thickness within 1-3 months of use. Addressing common challenges associated with hormonal shifts, menopause, and aging, VRS provides an effective and clinically tested solution for women’s intimate well-being.