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Also known as the “Kim K., Vampire facial” (without PRP) The process of stimulating the production of collagen by causing pin-size needle pricks in the skin. Producing firmer, smoother and more even toned skin.

(Recommendation: at least 3 treatments to see maximum results) (1 x per month)

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (rec)

1st time client friendly that hasn’t had a facial in months/years and wants to begin a regimen of healthy skin. Service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation(enzyme-customized for your skin treatment plan), extractions, mask-customized for your treatment, vit enriched serum, moisturize, protect.

Express Facial

A mini refresher facial to start your day or a fresh pick me up. (Mild extractions)

BareFace Peel Facial

1st time clients are NOT eligible for this service. BareFace Peel involves a 23% or 30% chemical peel & includes cleanse, analysis, peel, calming mask, moisturize & protect.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Designed for the client that wants to restore healthier, smoother skin through deep poor exfoliating using a diamond tip technique.

Pot Of Gold Facial

Specialized facial targeting those clients on hormone replacement ( T or E) suffering from hormone related acne due to their treatments.#LGBT

“I Got Your Back Facial” (Bacacne)

Designed for clients that suffer from back acne (shoulders included). Specialized back acne treatments, along with mini massage.

Chin Wax


Clay Mask

Clay has been used for centuries in order to heal the skin and remove toxins from the skin.

LED Light Mask-Red/Blue/Yellow

LED light mask added to any facial service in order to reduce fine lines, treat acne and eve skin tone.

Sheet Mask

Depending on the clients needs, a mask with a special serum will be placed on the face and left on for 20 mins in order to penetrate the skin.

Nano Infusion Therapy Facial

A non-invasive effective treatment for fine lines, scaring and pigmentation. It enhances product absorption and gives you a immediate yet long lasting GLOW!


1st time clients are NOT eligible for this service. Painless and safe technique to remove facial hairs and 21 days of dead cells. Get a healthy skin glow! Cleanse, dermaplan, enzyme, mask, serum, high frequency, moisturize,protect. ANALYSIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO SERVICE TO DETERMINE IF APPROPRIATE.


Hydrafacial is the ultimate in a facial experience. In just 30 mins you can have the best looking skin of your life.

Men’s Grooming Facial

SculptICE Facial

All natural ice formula derived from skin nourishing essential oils, applied to face to contour, firm & minimize wrinkles.

Enzyme Peels

An exfoliate used to decrease fine lines, restore skin tone by gently removing dead surface skin cells. Peels will restore your skin tone.

Brow Wax

Eyebrow Wax

Underarm Wax

Both Armpits

Eye Treatment

Special eye serum to reduce fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles.

Skin Analysis(W/Skincare srv)

This service is included with all facial services; must schedule an appointment.

Anti-Aging Facial

This facial is designed to give the skin a boost! Proteins and other additives are cocktailed to improve skin elasticity and give the skin a skin healthy GLOW!